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How Will a Hospice Nurse Assist the Family?

At Ballinger Home Health & Hospice, we provide comforting and compassionate hospice care for patients as they conclude their lives. We know this can be a difficult time for the patient and their families, so our skilled nurses at Ballinger provide compassionate care and help families of hospice patients process their grief and discover a hopeful future. Here are some of the ways our nurses care for our hospice patients and families at Ballinger Home Health & Hospice:


Holistic Hospice

At Ballinger, we provide a holistic approach to hospice and palliative care. We account for all aspects of a patient's life in our hospice services to relieve pain and suffering. This includes their social, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Helping our patients maintain their quality of life means everything to us. Ballinger's experienced nurses understand that this goal also extends to close family members and caregivers. Our hospice care nurses are kind and highly trained to provide comfort and support while administering medical care under the direction of your family doctor. Our hospice nurses provide ongoing evaluations and assessments to monitor each patient's condition. They share that information with the patient's loved ones throughout treatment. This helps family members make informed decisions about the patient's physical, mental, social, and spiritual care.

All Ballinger Home Health & Hospice nurses are registered and certified for hospice care in the state of Texas. They have been well-prepared to manage the challenges that can come with hospice treatment. With this training, our nurses can help patients and family members understand the care plan and prepare for the future.


Comprehensive and High-quality Services

The hospice nurses at Ballinger provide many services for patients from the comfort of their homes to ease the burden on their families, including:

  • Delicate wound care and pain management
  • Immediate interventional care in times of emergency
  • Medication management, including assistance with injections
  • Emotional care in times of hardship and stress
  • Emotional support for family caregivers or spouses during difficult moments

In addition to our nursing staff, the Ballinger hospice care team of medical directors, chaplains, social workers, pharmacists, and volunteers can provide your family with assistance in the following areas:

  • Pick-up of palliative medications and medical supplies
  • Bereavement support for individual family members
  • Respite and in-patient care for family caregivers at one of our contracted facilities
  • Psychological and spiritual counseling for family members and spouses

All services provided by our team at Ballinger Home Health & Hospice are performed under the supervision of the family physician. We do this to make sure our care plans offer our patients the necessary medical support and assistance. We understand that hospice care can financially burden families, so we accept private insurance and payment plans. Our hospice services are also fully covered by Medicare and Medicaid.


Trust Ballinger Home Health & Hospice for Your Family Member's Hospice Care

From the nursing staff to the volunteer caregivers, the hospice team at Ballinger is ready to help your loved one improve and maintain their quality of life. We understand that hospice care can be a difficult experience, so we provide care for both our patients and their family members. Request more information through our website or give us a call to discover more about the hospice services we provide at Ballinger Home Health & Hospice.

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