Desirae Brown

Desirae has been with Ballinger Home Health for a year and a half. She enjoys fishing with her husband and spending time with her kids. She loves going to their sporting events. She says she loves the environment at BHH because everyone works together.







Stephanie Hite

Stephanie has been an LVN since 2006. She is the office manager at BHH. She spends her free time reading, working in the yard and enjoying family. She helps create the family atmosphere that is embraced by the employees here.







Whitney Medina DON

Whitney has been in nursing for 12 years. She has been working for Ballinger Home Health for the last 5 years and currently serves as the director of nursing. She enjoys spending time with her family, taking road trips, and shooting clay pigeons. Hearing patients amazing stories is one of the things she enjoys most about working at Ballinger Home Health.  Helping patients stay in their homes as long as they can is very fulfilling.






Kaci Gully

Kaci has been a nurse in the telemetry unit at Shannon Hospital. She received her RN in December of 2016.  Kaci is currently the Assistant DON. As many of the other nurses, she enjoys the family atmosphere and her close relationship with clients. She likes spending time in the yard, being with family and shopping.







Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Has been a nurse for 10 years and was a caregiver 10 years before that.  She has worked with both children and the elderly. Stephanie specializes in hospice care. She loves her patients and enjoys helping them in the end of life care.







Bobby Broyles

Bobby wears several hats at Ballinger Home Health. He is the hospice chaplain, the bereavement coordinator, the volunteer coordinator and the marketing director. He enjoys golf and his family. Bobby says that there seems to be something new every day. “These people care more about their patients than they do their paychecks. They really make people’s lives better.”

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Kimberly Cain

Kim is our occupational therapist. She has been in the healthcare field for 30 years. No one has more fun at their job than Kim. She appreciates the flexibility she is afforded at BHH and loves the people she works with. Kim enjoys horseback riding.







Keira Carlisle

Keira is an administrative assistant at BHH. She graduated from Ballinger high school in 2016 and has worked at Sonic and Allsups before coming to work here. She enjoys spending time with her son and her friends.  She says she loves everything and everyone at BHH.







Briana Correa

Briana is one of our capable CNAs. She has had nursing home experience so she comes to BHH well equipped to take care of our patients. She loves watching her little sister play softball. She also enjoys spending time on her grandparents’ ranch. Briana says that working with people at home where they are the most comfortable is a joy. Ballinger HomeHealth gives her that opportunity.






Shea Donica

Shea has been an LVN for 8 years. She has worked in nursing homes and hospitals before coming to BHH. One of her greatest joys is being a mom. She also does CrossFit. She delights in seeing people in their homes where they are the most happy and comfortable.







Sonya Foster

Sonya has been a nurse for 12 years. 7 of those years have been in ER and ICU and 4 years in cardiac/telemetry and med surgery. She loves her family. Watching her boys play sports, fishing and just hanging out in the evenings on the pickup tailgate are highlights of her family time. She says knowing she works with exceptional nurses who truly love what they do makes BHH a great place to work. “I work for and with some of the most amazing people in the country!”






Angela Fuentes

Angela has been in the customer service business for 15 years. She is an administrative assistant and enjoys working with people. Her kids are her greatest joy. She also enjoys hiking and movies. When speaking of BHH, she says she appreciates the hard-working women and the pleasant family atmosphere.







Cece Galvan

Cece has been a caregiver for over 18 years. Her last 14 she has been CNA certified. Her patients are her joy. She has a way with everyone. She enjoys the outdoors. Hiking, rock hunting, camping, and swimming are all favorite pastimes.







Becky Kresta

Becky has been an LVN for 31 years and has been at BHH for 17 of those years. Becky enjoys fishing, cooking, and reading. “I love one on one contact with patients. Many of our patients get to stay home because we help them manage there. I love getting up and coming to work every day. WE have a great group!”







Dietta Lence

Dietta has her BSN from Tarleton State University. She was a nurse for 7 years at Abilene Regional before coming to BHH 2 years ago. She enjoys taking care of her 3 aquariums as well as attending her church.  She loves being a mom. When asked about her work Dietta says, “I like knowing I make a difference in someone’s life.







Cynthia Martinez

Cynthia has worked as an aid at BHH for 7 years. She enjoys seeing her patients and visiting with them. Cynthia likes helping them with their personal hygiene to make them feel better. She loves working in her yard.







Amy McKinney

Amy has been a geriatrics nurse for 6 years. She loves spending time with her family, playing golf, and fishing.

She values the family environment at BHH and loves the patients.







Shawna Henderson  

Shawna has a been a nurse for 23 years. She has her BSN.  Shawna enjoys the people she works with and all the new people she meets. Whether cooking, dancing or riding on a skido, Shawna knows how to appreciate life.







Melisa Poehls

Melisa has been in home healthcare since 1995.  She spent 12 years caring for chronically ill children.  She has also been an administrator in pediatric home healthcare and adult home care.  God and family are the most important to her.  Melisa also has a number of interests including tennis, golf, refurbishing furniture, and interior decorating. She appreciates Ballinger Home Health because it gives her the opportunity to utilize her nursing skills and serve the community.






Marina Diaz  

Marina has her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. She worked with stroke victims at Shannon before moving to Ballinger as a full-time physical therapist.  She says she loves the professionals she works with, the level of care provided by BHH, and the community we serve. Marina is a bearcat through and through.


Management Team


Michelle Aguilera

Michelle is the Ballinger Home Health Administrator. She is a registered nurse and has experience in post- partum care, gynecology, home health, and end of life care.  Michelle is also wound care certified.  She enjoys running, golf, baking, and her family. “This isn’t just a job, it’s a family. I love our teamwork. We always put the patient before ourselves, no matter the cost.” When speaking of Hospice of Ballinger Michelle says, “There are no words to describe how it feels to make one’s final days of life comfortable and peaceful. To be able to connect with a client and their family is a gift. I am proud to give my all to them every day.”




David Cowart

David is the owner of Ballinger Home Health.  Before he was the owner he worked 15 years here as the CFO. David enjoys golfing and is very active as community leader through the Rotary Club.  David insists that BHH is not primarily about the bottom line but about the patients. He leads through example.

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