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What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care can be ideal for your loved one if they are in the final stage of a terminal illness. This care can help with pain and symptom management to reduce suffering and enhance comfort. Ballinger Home Health & Hospice can provide quality and compassionate care at home to improve your loved one's quality of life. Here's an overview of hospice services: 

Understanding Hospice Care

Hospice care focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals in the advanced stages of life-limiting diseases. This care helps to reduce pain and address the patient's social, physical, and psychological needs. Hospice services are provided by a team of medical and health aide professionals who strive to oversee that an individual's final days are spent with dignity. 

Ballinger Home Health & Hospice seeks to make life as comfortable as possible for terminally-ill patients and their loved ones. We work with a team of medical directors, home health aide staff, nursing staff, social workers, a chaplain, and volunteers. These professionals provide comfort, manage symptoms, offer counseling services, and make sure all patients are treated with dignity. 

Who Can Benefit From Hospice Services?

Anyone struggling with a terminal illness with only a short time to live can benefit from hospice services. We want your loved ones to receive the best care as early as possible. Accepting your loved one's condition can also be easier if you seek hospice services early on. 

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What Are a Caregiver's Duties?

As our parents get older, they might not comfortably handle tasks like cooking, cleaning, or going shopping. Health deterioration among elderly persons makes them susceptible to health problems and accidents, so they may need constant care. Since you feel responsible for their health and safety, you can enlist the services of caregivers to offer home healthcare for your parents or relatives. Ballinger Home Health & Hospice can help you understand the duties of a caregiver.

Follow Through With Their Medical Needs

Your elderly loved one’s health is a caregiver’s first responsibility. They need to closely monitor any symptoms they might exhibit, assess pain levels, and manage medical appointments or medication. By verifying that the patient takes their prescription according to the physician’s recommendation, they help reduce health risks.

At Ballinger Home Health & Hospice, our experts are skilled nurses, so they offer the best possible care for your seniors. Since they are licensed vocational nurses, you can trust them to follow through with your parent’s suitable medical needs.

Our experts offer rehabilitative services, including therapies, to make sure patients are comfortable. All these services are done in the comfort of your house, minimizing the need to move elderly patients.

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What Is a Caregiver?

A caregiver takes care of another person as they recover from a health condition or as they cope with the difficulties of aging. Caregivers can be family members of loved ones who need assistance or paid professionals. If you're looking for a paid professional to take care of your loved one, Ballinger Home Health & Hospice is here to help. We have a compassionate team of well-trained registered nurses and caretakers who can provide care for short-term needs and long-term (lifetime) support.

What Do Caregivers Do?

A caregiver or caretaker offers various services to support the person in need. The caregiver may help with bathing and hygiene assistance, meal preparation and feeding, and medications (reminders, preparation, and administration). A caregiver may offer light housekeeping, dementia care, shopping and errands, companionship, incontinence management, and transportation. At Ballinger Home Health & Hospice, we provide the following caregiver services:

•    Monitor your loved one’s medical condition

•    Purchase, organize, and administer medications

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What Is Hospice Care At Home?

The philosophy of hospice care is to accept death as the final stage of life. Hospice is specialized medical care provided to people experiencing advanced life-limiting illnesses. It often begins during the latter stages of the disease, when treatment is no longer effective in curing or controlling it. Hospice caregivers focus on treating and managing symptoms to ensure the best quality of life and dignity during the patient's last days.

At-Home Hospice Care

Most people prefer to receive special care in the comfort of their homes instead of in a special facility. Hospice care services are delivered in the patient's residence and involve working with the primary caregiver to provide 24/7 support. While the practice is centered in the patient’s home, there are times when visiting a hospital or inpatient hospice center is crucial. 

The home team can arrange inpatient care and stay involved until they're released to in-home care. At home hospice involves providing care and support to persons in their primary residences. The hospice service provider may offer palliative care, symptoms management, respite and bereavement care, and more. Caregivers are sent to the patient’s home.

What Home Hospice Entails

Hospice service teams are healthcare professionals who work with the patient’s primary caregiver to provide round-the-clock care and support. The primary caregiver can be a family member or close friend and works with the hospice service team to develop care plans for specific needs. They also provide physical care and help with keeping symptoms records. Home hospice services may entail the following:

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How Much Does a Caregiver Cost in Texas?

Caregiver Cost

When it comes down to getting caregiver services for a loved one, you want quality and affordable care. This article will help you get a good idea of what costs are involved. The official cost will depend on individual needs and the average cost of caregivers in Texas.

There are a few things to note when calculating the cost of a caregiver in Texas. The average price per hour in Texas is $18. Texas is one of the more expensive state for purchasing caregiving services. The cost also depends on where you live within the state. If you are closer to the Houston area, the average price per hour is greater.

What Determines the Cost of a Caregiver in Texas?

The cost for caregiver services differs based on each individual's needs. To get a better idea of how much it may cost for you or a family member, there are things you need to consider. For example: 

  • How much help the person will need daily?
  • Does the individual's insurance cover caregiver services?
  • What type of support does the individual need?
  • Will they need transportation?
  • Do they need food and meals?
  • Do they need pharmaceuticals?

How Much Help Will the Person Need Daily?

If you are searching for caregiving services for a person who needs 24/7 care, the cost will be higher. If someone only needs four hours of care a day, for example, it will be lower. Consider whether the person needing care can do things for themselves, such as eating or changing their own clothing. How much they can do for themselves will help you determine how long they need these services daily. Additionally, think about how often a family member is willing to help. 

Does the Individuals Insurance Cover Caregiver Services?

Based on insurance coverage, some of the costs may be covered. Each health care business has its own set of insurances they accept. Be sure to consult with them to determine how much insurance will cover.

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